Cover and Interior Design

Interior Book Design: Our professional staff will design and format your book to industry standards so that you may work with major distributors. Whether you wish to create a paperback, hardcover, or e-book, we can help.

Interior Illustration: Our capable artists and illustrators can create chapter art and customized section breaks that will bring charm and beauty to the pages of your book.

Bronze Cover Packages: Do you want a cover pre-made and ready to go?  Simply pick one of our pre-made Bronze Cover Packages and we’ll deliver your cover instantaneously.

Silver Cover Packages: Do you want a cover custom-created for your book?  Simply pick one of our styles and contact us, and we’ll work with you to create the cover of your dreams. Note that Silver Cover Packages may contain stock images.

Gold Cover Packages: Do you really want a special cover for your book?  Take a look at the styles we have on offer. We’ll custom illustrate a cover for you beyond your wildest expectations.