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The publishing industry can be a tricky minefield to navigate. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the experience of someone who’s been through the blaze before you? We offer a wide variety of Coaching services. Whether you need a single session for one project, or continuous management, our coaches can help keep you on track regarding your personal projects and point you where you need to go.

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Publishing Do’s and Don’ts: Work with us to get an in-depth understanding of the publishing industry that is tailored to your specific genre.

Marketing and Branding: Do you keep hitting a brick wall while trying to build your audience? Our social media strategists can teach you methods to build your brand and engage your audience in this digital age.

Book Reviews: Book reviews are important. We offer services that aim to provide you with multiple book reviews from professional reviewers, librarians, and potential readers. We also have consultation services to teach you about getting reviews before your book is released.

Education and Tutorials: We offer a wide variety of step-by-step tutorials for nearly every aspect of the publishing process. We can also give personalized guidance in getting your book out into the world. Let our experience help guide you towards your destiny.

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