Content Generation

Do you need a little something extra for your book promotions? Do you have a story idea that you would like to write, but have no clue how to begin? Do you have a narrative burning its way through your fingertips but your fingers aren’t up to the task? Our writers, designers, and editors are more than happy to help you fully develop your vision.


Writing Services

Ghostwriting:  Work one-on-one with our professional ghostwriters and editors to bring your story to life. With this service, you will receive a well-written and edited manuscript that is ready for publication.

World Building: Do you need a sci-fi scape or a fantasy kingdom and don’t know how to create it? Want to build a believable background for characters or your setting with laws and rules?  Our creative team can help you build the best and most comprehensive world possible.


Art Services

Illustration and Graphics: Would you like artwork produced for your children’s book? Perhaps you would like to work with an illustrator or 3D artist to design the characters and scenes from your story. Shadow Wolf Press works with a team of talented and professional artists to fulfill your artistic needs. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will present you with the options we have to offer.

*Royalty Free Library: Check out our Royalty Free Library to purchase predesigned characters and scenes for your personal and commercial use. Please note that we do not allow you to resell our artwork as a stand-alone product. *See Terms and Conditions.

Graphic Novels: This is a two-step process. First, you can prepare your story so that it can be told in a comic book style, or you can work with one of our comic book creators to assist you in this process. Second, our talented illustrators will bring your work to life in the form of a comic book or graphic novel.

Coloring Books: Our talented team will work with you to craft a collection of images related to your story for children and adults to color.

Book Trailers: Book trailers are the latest craze in book advertising. Studies have shown that social media videos receive more clicks than plain pictures or texts. Work with one of our video specialists to create a book trailer customized to your needs.