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Editing is arguably one of the most important parts of the writing process.  With every one of our service packages, editors will work one-on-one with you through Google Docs to ensure that you can keep up to date on every revision and change made to your manuscript.  This transparency aids the writer in their future writing endeavors.

Our professional staff of editors and proofreaders offer any or all of the following services:

Manuscript Evaluation: Evaluation is the beginning and, arguably, the most important part of the editing process. Our qualified editors and analysts will comprehensively read your manuscript for content and structural issues. Their job is to find plot holes, problems with continuity, flow, and believability, and to search for ways to improve the storyline, characters, and settings. This is a great starting point for any author.

Content Editing: Content editing (also known as developmental editing) is the first step in making your manuscript the best it can be. Our content editors will look for discrepancies in your storyline, sub-plots, and theme to ensure consistency throughout your novel. They will assist you in tying up loose ends as well as make suggestions for how to make your characters’ language, dialogue, and actions more distinctive and authentic. This important step in the editing process will also call attention to problems regarding style, plot development, structure, organization, pacing, factual references, readability, and believability. Content editing pays attention to the big picture as well as takes care of the tiny twists that tangle up the story.

Line Editing: Our line editors carefully comb through your manuscript to make sure each sentence is effective and powerful. Their job is not to work with plot development or overarching storylines; they pay attention to the tiniest of details. If you need help with grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, spelling, and syntax, or if you aren’t sure about your manuscript’s technical consistencies, then working with our line editors can help bring your manuscript to an entirely new level. They will work side-by-side with you to make each and every sentence in your manuscript grammatically correct, clean, precise, and packed with power and purpose. Our line editors can help mark out those pesky mistakes, correct any lingering grammatical errors, and find misused punctuations in your final manuscript.

Proofreading: Proofreading is performed at the final stage in the book creation process. A proofreader combs through the novel for tiny mistakes—such as a missing word, a forgotten punctuation, or leftover grammatical errors—after the book’s interior has been designed. Therefore, proofreaders usually work straight from a PDF or an e-book. This is a crucial step in the process that ensures your finished product presents as a high-quality and professional book.

Traditional Editing Package: Our best deal.  Our TEP bundles all of the traditional editing services into one easy package.  Useful for those who work in the publishing industry already.  The TEP offers the most versatility for those seeking a more traditional submission experience.


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