Shadow Wolf Press Coming Soon

Writing can be a solitary and lonely process.

The idea of writing, editing, marketing, publishing and distributing a novel can seem overwhelming and daunting. It’s not easy to find credible and capable editors, design your cover art, layout the interior of your book, create functional e-books, and successfully complete all the tiny tasks it takes to create a quality book that looks and feels professional.


Do you need help?


You’ve come to the right place!


You don’t have to do it alone!


What if you had industry professionals helping you edit, design, and produce your novel?

What if you had a dedicated team assisting you with everything from fleshing out your story to launching a high-quality book into the marketplace?

What if you had tested and successful marketers helping you build your audience?

At Shadow Wolf Press, we have over three decades of collective experience. We have a solution for every one of your needs. Don’t know where to begin? Let us help you navigate the confusing waters of independent publishing so you can take the world by storm!

Check back soon to find out about our services!