Our Authors

Laura C. Cantu

Author of The Vathylite Realms chronology, The Betwixters, and her next up-and-coming novel Xandria Drake: Ancient Rising

Laura Cantu is an up-and-coming celebrity author who has received rave reviews, won notable awards, and placed at the top of Amazon’s lists.

Aubrie Nixon

Author of the Darkness Trilogy

Aubrie Nixon loves Dragon Age, A Game of Thrones, and reading all things fantasy. She runs a local YA/NA bookclub with three chapters and more than 200 members.

Belwoeth Harbright

Author of Full-tilt Exorcist

Bel Harbright is an author, ex-entrepenur, game designer, and all-around creative type whose focus is on LGBT-centric work.  His work has been featured in the SubverCity Transmit podcast and the Beyond Imagination Digital Literary Journal. He spends a lot of his time reading old spellbooks.

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  • Spellbinding Storyteller 100%
  • Mystical Visionary 80%
  • Friend of Faeries 100%
  • Friend of Darkness 100%
  • Assassin Extraordinaire 90%
  • Magic Welcomed 100%
  • Esoteric Expertise 90%
  • Fabulous Fantasist 100%
  • Ghoulish Greatness 15%

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