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Writing can be a lonely process.

Everything that goes into being a successful author: the writing, editing, marketing, publishing and distribution of a novel or non-fiction book can seem, quite frankly, daunting.

There’s so much to do and no time to do it!

It’s not easy to find the time to look up and hire all the people you need: incredible editors, amazing cover artists, interior design gurus, or even those genius e-book formatting wizards. There’s an awful lot that goes into creating a quality book that looks and feels professional.

Do you need help?

You’ve come to the right place!  We at Shadow Wolf Press have been where you are before.

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone!

What if… you had industry professionals helping you edit, design, and produce your novel?

What if… you had a dedicated team assisting you with everything from fleshing out your story to launching a high-quality book into the marketplace?

What if… you had tested and successful marketers helping you build your audience?

At Shadow Wolf Press, we have over three decades of collective experience. We have a solution for every one of your needs. Don’t know where to begin? Let us help you navigate the confusing waters of independent publishing so you can take the world by storm!


Our professional staff of editors and proofreaders offer any or all of the following services:

Manuscript Evaluation: Evaluation is the beginning and, arguably, the most important part of the editing process. Our qualified editors and analysts will comprehensively read your manuscript for content and structural issues. Their job is to find plot holes, problems with continuity, flow, and believability, and to search for ways to improve the storyline, characters, and settings. This is a great starting point for any author.

Content Editing: Content editing (also known as developmental editing) is the first step in making your manuscript the best it can be. Our content editors will look for discrepancies in your storyline, sub-plots, and theme to ensure consistency throughout your novel. They will assist you in tying up loose ends as well as make suggestions for how to make your characters’ language, dialogue, and actions more distinctive and authentic. This important step in the editing process will also call attention to problems regarding style, plot development, structure, organization, pacing, factual references, readability, and believability. Content editing pays attention to the big picture as well as takes care of the tiny twists that tangle up the story.

Line Editing: Our line editors carefully comb through your manuscript to make sure each sentence is effective and powerful. Their job is not to work with plot development or overarching storylines; they pay attention to the tiniest of details. If you need help with grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, spelling, and syntax, or if you aren’t sure about your manuscript’s technical consistencies, then working with our line editors can help bring your manuscript to an entirely new level. They will work side-by-side with you to make each and every sentence in your manuscript grammatically correct, clean, precise, and packed with power and purpose. Our line editors can help mark out those pesky mistakes, correct any lingering grammatical errors, and find misused punctuations in your final manuscript.

Proofreading: Proofreading is performed at the final stage in the book creation process. A proofreader combs through the novel for tiny mistakes—such as a missing word, a forgotten punctuation, or leftover grammatical errors—after the book’s interior has been designed. Therefore, proofreaders usually work straight from a PDF or an e-book. This is a crucial step in the process that ensures your finished product presents as a high-quality and professional book.

Cover and Interior Design

Interior Book Design: Our professional staff will design and format your book to industry standards so that you may work with major distributors. Whether you wish to create a paperback, hardcover, or e-book, we can help.

Interior Illustration: Our capable artists and illustrators can create chapter art and customized section breaks that will bring charm and beauty to the pages of your book.

Bronze Cover Packages: Do you want a cover pre-made and ready to go?  Simply pick one of our pre-made Bronze Cover Packages and we’ll deliver your cover instantaneously.

Silver Cover Packages: Do you want a cover custom-created for your book?  Simply pick one of our styles and contact us, and we’ll work with you to create the cover of your dreams. Note that Silver Cover Packages may contain stock images.

Gold Cover Packages: Do you really want a special cover for your book?  Take a look at the styles we have on offer. We’ll custom illustrate a cover for you beyond your wildest expectations.


Coaching and Consultation Services

Are you confused by the landscape of the publishing industry? We are here to offer advice and consultation services to assist you in every step of the publishing process.

Publishing Do’s and Don’ts: Work with us to get an in-depth understanding of the publishing industry that is tailored to your specific genre.

Marketing and Branding: Do you keep hitting a brick wall while trying to build your audience? Our social media strategists can teach you methods to build your brand and engage your audience in this digital age.

Book Reviews: Book reviews are important. We offer services that aim to provide you with multiple book reviews from professional reviewers, librarians, and potential readers. We also have consultation services to teach you about getting reviews before your book is released.

Education and Tutorials: We offer a wide variety of step-by-step tutorials for nearly every aspect of the publishing process. We can also give personalized guidance in getting your book out into the world. Let our experience help guide you towards your destiny.

Content Generation

Do you need a little something extra for your book promotions? Do you have a story idea that you would like to write, but have no clue how to begin? Do you have a narrative burning its way through your fingertips but your fingers aren’t up to the task? Our writers, designers, and editors are more than happy to help you fully develop your vision.


Writing Services

Ghostwriting:  Work one-on-one with our professional ghostwriters and editors to bring your story to life. With this service, you will receive a well-written and edited manuscript that is ready for publication.

World Building: Do you need a sci-fi scape or a fantasy kingdom and don’t know how to create it? Want to build a believable background for characters or your setting with laws and rules?  Our creative team can help you build the best and most comprehensive world possible.


Art Services

Illustration and Graphics: Would you like artwork produced for your children’s book? Perhaps you would like to work with an illustrator or 3D artist to design the characters and scenes from your story? Shadow Wolf Press works with a team of talented and professional artists to fulfill your artistic needs. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will present you with the options we have to offer.

*Royalty Free Library: Check out our Royalty Free Library to purchase predesigned characters and scenes for your personal and commercial use. Please note that we do not allow you to resell our artwork as a stand-alone product. *See Terms and Conditions.

Graphic Novels: This is a two-step process. First, you can prepare your story so that it can be told in a comic book style, or you can work with one of our comic book creators to assist you in this process. Second, our talented illustrators will bring your work to life in the form of a comic book or graphic novel.

Coloring Books: Our talented team will work with you to craft a collection of images related to your story for children and adults to color.