We have three tracks of publication we like to point our clients towards: our own Submissions page, for the time when we are open and willing to accept new publications, our Full Publishing Package options, and our Traditional Editing Package.

Shadow Wolf Submissions:  For the most part, Shadow Wolf Press is an invitation-only press.  However, we do open our submissions occasionally and we’re usually after commercial market genre fiction in fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal or other genre fiction. (Specifically, we take some darker work, though we do not publish post-apocalyptic pieces.)  We also take non-fiction submissions, specifically in new age, self-help and actualization, when open.  Please check whether or not we’re open by clicking here.

Full Publishing Package: Full-Publishing Package is our bundle package deal for those who want the full tear down and build up that a professional publishing house would give their manuscript.  This is useful for the individual entrepreneur who wants to retain control of the marketing and advertising options.  Shadow Wolf Press acts merely as a well-oiled factory to prepare your manuscript for publication on your own terms.

If we feel strongly that your manuscript fits what we’re looking for with our personal brand, we may just extend an invitation to partner with you and take your book under the Shadow Wolf name, but we have a very stringent policy when it comes to accepting new manuscripts.

Traditional Editing Package:  A more traditional service for those seeking publication through other presses, or those seeking a more traditional editing workshop-styled experience.  The TEP offers authors a detailed manuscript analysis, content edit, and line edit, to make sure their manuscript sparkles.  The TEP is useful for those who intend on a more traditional-based approach to getting their manuscript published, or those interested in self-publishing who are familiar with how to format and design their own covers.